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It all began back in 2003, handcrafting tiny batches of truffles in the world’s smallest chocolate shop! Over the years, with the help of our devoted customers, we have grown and become a favourite well beyond the west coast! Our chocolate-loving friends have told their friends and neighbours, who have told their friends and neighbours, and before you know it, 250 sq ft just wasn’t enough room for everyone! We expanded our store in 2016 to accommodate more guests and we still make everything in house over twenty years later!

Our chocolate journey is always taking us places! We have visited several farms in South America and the Caribbean while sourcing fine flavour cacao, rooted in both ethics and fair, sustainable farming practices. We will never stop tasting chocolate from around the globe in the search for new and unique chocolate to incorporate into our products!

Kim & Cam in South America
South American Cacao Grove
Kim grafting a Cacao Tree
Maturing Cacao
Hand Harvested Cacao Pods
Fermenting the Cacao Beans
Sun-dried Cacao Beans
Cacao ready to become Chocolate!

CHOCOLATE FOR THE PEOPLE – Ethics and community are the heart of Chocolate Tofino. We take great care in sourcing ethical chocolate. Much of our Chocolate comes straight from South America, where cacao farming is actively benefiting communities, building schools and healing the damage caused by the narcotics trade. It all starts with providing alternative agricultural crops and helping farmers grow bananas, cacao and wood instead of coca. It’s a long term plan. Plant the bananas and harvest them right away. Then plant the cacao and wait a few seasons until they’re mature enough to bear cacao pods. Plant the trees and harvest the wood in ten years time. Simple solutions, bring big results when support and mentorship is put in place. Community thrives with security and safety. Ethical cacao can bring peace to theses regions that have dealt with war and drug cartels for much too long. This chocolate is truly for the people.

Chocolate Tofino is currently creating bean-to-bar chocolate for use in craft chocolate bars, hand-rolled truffles and fresh gelato. In-house made chocolate and couverture has added an exciting element to our artisanal offerings and has expanded our lineup.

Year-round we make fresh gelato and sorbet to serve on fresh baked waffle cones. Being chocolatiers first, we combine our passion for chocolate and gelato every chance we get! Our gelato kitchen is small but we’re able to build small batches daily. We shy away from artificial colors and flavours but our offerings are fresh, exciting and kid-friendly. Many Gelato flavours you will find no-where else like our signature silvery-grey Hammerhead and our luxurious, Lonely Planet featured Midnight Marauder Chocolate!

Being small allows us to source our ingredients from micro-suppliers, local farms and apiaries, and small food cooperatives to get the freshest, most flavourful building blocks for our handmade chocolates and gelato. We’re proud to make everything in our shop and have the option to purchase the finest ingredients.

Chocolate Tofino is serious enough for true chocolate aficionados but accessible enough for your family on vacation. Please join us on our garden patio for a fresh waffle cone of gelato or pop in and grab a thoughtful gift for a friend back home.

Everything tastes better by the beach! However, if you find yourself far from the beach, know that we are pleased to ship our chocolate all over North America. Shop Now

Sweetest regards,

Cam & Kim Shaw
Chocolate Tofino

P.S. When the power is out, the Gelato is on sale!

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