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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which chocolates are which?
See the complete list here!

How long do your chocolates last?
Our filled Chocolates are made with fresh cream and without the use of preservatives. Our chocolates are best at the height of freshness and should be enjoyed within 7-10 days of purchase. However, stored properly they can last up to 20 days. If ordering chocolates shipped by mail, please enjoy them right away. Our solid chocolates (bars, medallions, some seasonal items, etc.) do not have a specified shelf life but should be eaten within a few months. Chocolate has the tendency to absorb odours from it’s environment so store it in cool, dry, non-scented areas.

I have a specific Allergy. Can I still order your chocolates? Our Allergen information is posted here. If the allergy is severe, please take extra caution and give us a call at 250-725-2526. We would rather you err on the side of your personal well-being rather than order our products. We don’t use peanuts in our shop, but we use a wide variety of tree nuts.

Can I order online and pick it up the same day? We offer the full range of our products online, but don’t always have them prepared in-store for purchase. When you order online, we will make any items that are required for your order, but sometimes that takes a day or two depending on production. We can always offer you a substitution if you need it immediately.

How do you ship your products?
We use primarily use UPS to guarantee timely delivery, tracking paired with reasonable value. All shipping and handling charges are calculated by weight and distance. For the sake of value when ordering, selecting more items can make the shipping costs more reasonable. If the shipping and handling price seems unreasonable, please contact us directly by email and we can double check the cost. We also have other shipping options available based on your location.

Do you deliver within Tofino?
We sure do, give us a call toll-free at 1-855-CTOFINO or (250) 725-2526 and we can set something up. In town deliveries are $5. Local Delivery and Local Pick-up can also be selected through our Online Store.

I need my chocolate for a certain date. How long until my chocolate ships?
Under regular circumstances, packages will be shipped out within 3-5 business days of ordering. Because we prepare our chocolate fresh, we don’t keep large amounts of chocolate on hand. This time space allows product to be prepared fresh to order. If you require your order for a specific date (ie. a Birthday or Christmas), please let us know in the allocated space when checking out online. We will do our best to accommodate such requests but please be aware that couriers may take extra time to deliver your parcel depending on your location, and that Tofino is deemed remote.

Is there a minimum order?
No, there are no minimums, however, please keep in mind that shipping charges can exceed the cost of the product on orders that are quite small.

I saw something in your shop that is not offered in your Online Store. Can I still order it?
Our Online Store features items that we believe will ship well. Although we do have a wide variety of items in our shop, there are certain products that we deem too fragile to ship. If you are wanting something that was only available in our shop, give us a call at 250-725-2526 and we can discuss how to get it out to you. Most items that become easily damaged are those of a Seasonal nature. (ie. Hollow Santas, Chocolate Lover’s Hearts, Bunny Bowls and Hearts)

Do chocolates get damaged in the shipping process?
Chocolate falls into the delicate category. Although we try our best to ensure the process is done with maximum care of handling, some jostling does occur as part of the shipping. Chocolate is best purchased in-shop rather than on-line, when appreciating the individual beauty of a select piece, however most chocolate arrives in satisfactory condition. Please be aware that certain circumstances should be avoided, like chocolate shipped to Texas in August. Extreme weather can damage the product and there are no temperature controlled shipping options available. We cannot take responsibility for the condition of chocolate that is shipped, unless the parcel is extremely damaged or lost in the mail.

Is the Hot Chocolate Elixir vegan or dairy-free? Yes, we prepared it with Oat Milk. The Whip Cream ganish is dairy based, be we offer Coconut Whip Cream depending on local availability.

What is the Power Outage Gelato Sale? When the Power goes out, the Gelato is on sale! With Tofino’s frequent power outages, we sell our gelato for 50% off while the power is out. Hurry in! Before the lights come back on! Note: Power outage Sales typically last two hours or until the power comes back on. If the power goes out before our opening hours, we don’t open the shop or uncover the gelato. If the power goes out in the late afternoon or evening, we will close the shop once it gets dark outside as it is hard to operate in complete darkness.