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It’s so much more than Hot Chocolate.

Born out of necessity on the rainy West Coast, Hot Chocolate Elixir is served from October through May. It’s prepared with a deep blend of South American Chocolate right from our chocolate machines, Oat Milk and other magical ingredients.

Warm up with a cup of true chocolate happiness.

12oz. – $6.45
8oz. – $5.45
4oz. Shot & Chaser – $4.45
(Served with one Chocolate from the cabinet)
BYOM – Bring your own mug and it’s only $4.95

Hot Chocolate Elixir Orbs

Enjoy our famous Hot Chocolate Elixir, all year long. Each tube contains 3 Elixir Orbs, ready to prepare your own Hot Chocolate Elixir at your campsite or in your home.

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