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Become a Member of the Rude Little Girls Club today and get Discounts on Gelato plus a Membership Kit!

Membership has it’s perks!

  • Do you want your allowance to go further?
  • Do you want to be part of an exclusive Club that gets you respect and recognition?
  • Ever wanted a discount because we think you’re special?
  • Do you try not to be rude, but sometimes it just happens?
  • Do you only like really good, handmade Gelato instead of frozen treats from the gas station?

Sweet Membership Pack and Future Rewards!

Why you’ll love being an Official Rude Little Girl!
Membership Pack includes:

  • Official Club Membership Card
  • RLGC Ceramic Mug
  • RLGC Acrylic Lapel Pin
  • RLGC Stickers (2)
  • FREE Single Scoop Waffle Cone
  • Plus a 10% Discount on Gelato and free Chocolate on your Waffle Cones.
My friends laughed when I said that I’d joined the Rude Little Girls Club – but then I was handed my FREE chocolate-rimmed Waffle Cone!

We understand that you love our handmade Gelato and Sorbet. We do too.

Don’t delay! Sign up for the Rude Little Girls Club today and the benefits start immediately!