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We’re honoured to bring Chocolate Tofino elegance to your Wedding or event. You’ve got a lot of planning to do so let’s take the pressure off.

Here are a few ideas:

Wedding Favours or Place Setting Chocolates

Chocolate is always a hit at the reception as people get settled at their tables and anticipate your arrival. Select two of your favourite chocolates to be presented in Wedding Favour Boxes or small Wedding Favour Bags with a ribbon colour of your choosing. Some of our most popular Wedding pairings are the Wild Blackberry Buttercream Seashell and the Strawberry Cream Starfish (as shown below), the Love at First Bite Caramel and the Hazelnut Buttercream Seashell, or the Passion Fruit Heart and the Lemon Cream Vanilla Bean Caramel Shell.

2 Pc. Wedding Favour Boxes – 6.25 each
2 pc. Wedding Favour Bags – 5.25 each

Corporate Retreat, Workshop or Attendee Gifts

For Corporate Retreats, training sessions, yoga workshops or leadership events, get in touch with us! A small gesture goes a long way as guests and attendees settle in. Nothing is as appreciated as a few handmade chocolates.

2 Pc. Boxes – 6.25 each
2 pc. Bags – 5.25 each

5 Pc. Salted Caramel Packs -12.95 each
6 Pc. Adventure Packs – 10.95 each
6 Pc. Happy Packs- 10.95 each
Small Take Out Box – Starting at 11.95 each

Thank You or Welcome Packages

It’s always nice to have a thoughtful gift on hand to say ‘Thank You’ to your friends and family who have been there every step of the way! This package includes 4 Medium Gift Boxes for your Attendants, 2 Large Gift Boxes for your Parents, plus you receive a FREE Large Gift Box for yourselves! Chocolate Tofino Bears, Wine Pairing Boxes and Happy Packs also make great Welcome Gifts. This package can be adjusted if different quantities of Gift Boxes are more suitable to your numbers.

Thank You Packages start at $240 and include a FREE Large Giftbox

Loose Chocolates

Save the packaging and go straight for the chocolate! Choose a selection of your favourite chocolates and set up a beautiful, mouth-watering display at your wedding reception, workshop or business conference. Give us your budget amount and we’ll help you choose enough pieces to go around.

65 Pieces of Chocolate (varied sizes) is approximately $200. Chocolate will be weighed out at time of selection and price may vary. Often we can get you more pieces for your budget at time of weighing.

Fresh Gelato or Sorbet

Do you love Gelato? In lieu of a cake, couples often opt for Gelato as a touch that is uniquely theirs. We provide 4L Metal Bins of fresh made Gelato and Sorbet. Choose your favourite flavours and we’ll prepare them fresh for your Wedding Day! Nearly all of our Gelato is Gluten Free and we have delicious Dairy Free options as well.

4L Metal Bins – Approximately 20-24 Single Scoop Servings- $75 Each + Deposit (Some Specialty or Dairy Free Options may cost slightly more.)

Call 1-855-286-3466 and ask for Kim or email us at info@chocolatetofino.com to book your Wedding or Event Package now. All packages require a 50% deposit, one month in advance. If you find yourself in a last minute bind, give us a call and we can try to accommodate.