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Christmas is here in full production!

Christmas is on its way!

This year some of our in-shop specialties include:
• The Giant Santa Centerpiece
• 8″ Chocolate Santa full of little Chocolate Trinkets
• Santa and His Sleigh
• Surprise Santa (with a hidden Tortuga or Bear Claw plus a Free Elixir Card)
• Jolly Santa (Solid)
• Solid Mini Santas (3 Pack)
• Festive Tortuga & Bear Claw Box
• Large Yule Log with Fresh Chocolates
• Small Yule Log with Fresh Chocolates
• Holiday Edition Tofino Bear (holding a white chocolate wreath)
• Holiday Edition Candy Cane Bark

We’re excited to be so close to Christmas. In a Chocolate Shop, it’s one of our favorite times of year. The mood is festive, the chocolate is flowing and everyone’s excited about something. Stop by and pick up some Christmas Treats or give us a call to set something aside for you! 250-725-2526