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This past September, Cam and Kim took a trip down to Colombia, South America. We wanted to see for ourselves where our chocolate is grown, and meet the people who make so many chocolate dreams come true. What we found was so much better than what we expected!


Much of the chocolate we use at Chocolate Tofino is grown in various regions of Colombia, and is organically grown, uses non-GMO soy lecithin, hormone-free dairy, and is Direct Trade, which means the farmers are getting great prices because there is no middlemen!

We visited a research center where Colombians educate and train fellow Colombians in how to produce the best Fine Flavour Cacao, grow cacao organically, prune to increase yield, and balance Cacao harvests with other plants to ensure the farmers can guarantee an income year round. We were so excited to see Cacao growing making a difference in the lives of Colombian families and villages, especially those in war-torn areas where joining rebel guerrilla groups or growing cocaine are the only other options.

It was an eye-opening trip and one that we have been really stoked to share with you, our customers and friends. You are a big part of improving the lives of those living in Colombia. In fact, by eating our chocolate, you are an integral part of supporting Colombian families who work the land for fair and honest pay. Now that’s a win-win! Thank you.

Since Our trip, we’ve been offering Colombian Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs! They’re amazing and available now in-store or online! Buy them here!