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Eagle’s Moon by Roy Henry Vickers


“There are so many confirmations that I’m walking on the path that I should be walking on; that I’m in the right place, doing good things that make a difference to people in the world.”


When Roy’s in town, being part of his Storytelling at the Eagle Aerie Gallery is the place to be. Roy’s a captivating guy and he’s got a lot of tales to tell.

Canadian artist Roy Henry Vickers is best known around the world for his limited edition prints. He is also a carver, design advisor of public spaces, a  sought-after keynote speaker, publisher and author.

Roy’s love and respect of the magnificent natural beauty of this area is clearly evident in his art. His boldly colourful sunsets, subdued misty rivers and peaceful winter scenes reflect the essence of the west coast of Canada.


We’ve recently partnered with the Eagle Aerie Gallery to bring you Roy’s famous icon in solid Milk or Dark Chocolate. Find the Eagle’s Moon Medallion in our online store or in our Chocolate Cabinet.

Roy Henry Vickers Eagle’s Moon Medallion by Chocolate Tofino