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Introducing La Maya Truffles

La Maya

Inspired by our time in Central America, our new La Maya truffle captures the rich and complex flavors that the ancient Mayans perfected.

“Lots of people like spiced chocolate, however they’ve only eaten it in a solid bar with chili flakes or essential oils. I wanted to create a Chili Truffle that had flavor and depth that simply isn’t achievable in a solid bar. The focus for me, wasn’t on the heat but rather the well of dark flavors from the Ancient Mayan World. Each truffle is a fusion of 3 types of Dark Chocolate plus Chipotle, Vanilla, Cinnamon and includes fresh Arbol Chilis that I grew myself. This truffle is truly a gem to make, I just have to remember not to rub my eyes after.” – Cam

The La Maya Truffle made its debut in our Valentine’s 2014 Chocolate Lover’s Hearts. It has become quite a desired piece and is making appearances in some of our Gift Boxes.