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Love at first bite…

It’s that time of year again, when the faintly emerging colors of Spring fade off into shades of bright red and pink!

Chocolate Lover’s Hearts are the ultimate treat for your Love this Valentine’s Day. Each Chocolate Heart is bursting with an assortment of fresh Truffles, filled Chocolates and a delicious Tortuga or Bear Claw. This year in addition to your regular Chocolate Tofino favorites, we’ve added our Love at First Bite Caramels.


There’s nothing more sultry than a creamy Love at First Bite Caramel. Using fine Mexican Vanilla, we’ve put together a little number that will surely impress  this Valentine’s Day. Available in Milk & Dark Chocolate, these Caramels are perfect for the Sweetness in your life.

We’ve also done up our Organic Lavender Truffles in a Heart shape for the special day and garnished each one with a few lavender florets. It’s a special touch on a classic favorite!

The Chocolate Lover’s Heart is $29.95 and is available in milk or dark chocolate. Give us a call to pre-order your Chocolate Lover’s Heart. Valentine’s Day gets a little crazy and we don’t want you to miss out! :)  We’re open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 6pm (Give us a call! 250-725-2526)