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Save the Whales… Unless they’re chocolate.

Sea Shepherd Gallery :: 04:01:2012
Friday Harbour, San Juan Island, WA

Chocolate Tofino is passionate about saving the whales! This March, for the 26th annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival, we broke out the whale molds and made Chocolate Whales to Save the Whales! We are proud to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society again this year with the proceeds from the Chocolate Whales. As an added bonus, Cam was able to visit the Sea Shepherd Gallery in Friday Harbor, WA to meet an intrepid Sea Shepherd Captain, Peter Hammarstedt.

Cam is seen pictured above with Captain Peter Hammarstedt holding the Chocolate Tofino Save the Whales Banner in the San Juan Islands. Captain Hammarstedt is the Captain of the SSCS Bob Barker and has served on numerous missions from the Faeroe Islands to Antarctica. His conservation work can be seen on the Animal Planet Series Whale Wars.

“It was a pleasure meeting you and I felt inspired to see how you and your wife decided to utilize your skills and resources to support our mission at sea. Thank you for helping to keep our ships out at sea!” – Peter Hammarstedt

This year, Chocolate Tofino was able to donate $1000 to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to help save the whales. Thanks for partnering with us in ocean conservation.