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Stainless Steel Picnic Pints for Gelato!

Chocolate Tofino Stainless Steel Picnic Pints

We’ve recently had some special Chocolate Tofino Stainless Steel Gelato Pints made up! They hold 16oz of our fresh homemade Gelato and keep it cool and ready to share during your adventure. Climb a mountain or enjoy a sunset boat ride and keep a nice Pint of Gelato waiting for you in your bag.

The Picnic Pints are a Stainless Steel double-walled container with a bowl on top for sharing. When we personally tested these, we got almost 5 hours out of it.

• Comes full of your favorite flavor of our Homemade Gelato (or a Giftcard for later)
• Keeps your Gelato cold for over 4 Hours
• Future Picnic Pint refills cost $1.00 less than regular Pints

Pick one up before you hit the trails or grab one as a gift.
Available In-store or Online