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The Ice Cream Wagon! Super Chill for Draggin’!

1961 Econoline Hot Rod

A little bit of that Hot Rod Rumble… A little bit of that Ice Cream Jingle.

Introducing the Chocolate Tofino Hot Rod.
It’s a 1961 Ford Econoline Van Pickup that has spent a good amount of time between Vancouver and the Island. We’re not entirely sure of it’s origin, but 53 years is enough time to have seen some things. From now on it’s making memories in Tofino delivering Chocolate and Homemade Gelato.

You’ll see it on Saturday Market Days downtown Tofino, assisting the Vintage Gelato Cart to the Village Green.

For those out there that know vehicles, it’s got a 302 V8, 3 Speed Automatic from a 1973 Ford Maverick. Flat Black Paint, hand painted Pin-striping, Cragar Mags and glass-packed Thrush Mufflers.

“Every Chocolate Shop needs a Hot Rod.” – Cam


Vintage Gelato Cart